Thai & Lao Cuisine
Lunch • Dinner • Catering
Pronounced: My-cam
1125 Finnegan Way
Suite 101
Bellingham, WA 98225
Open: Wednesday - Monday
Lunch: 12:00am - 4:00pm
Dinner: 4:30pm - 8:30pm


Chef Usanee Klimo opened a new restuarant, Maikham (Pronounced - My-cam; Translation - Golden Silk) , on 1125 Finnegan Way, Suite 101 within Fairhaven.

Usanee was born in Thailand near the Lao border and from an early age immersed in the cooking traditions of Northeastern Thailand's Issarn region. While growing up on her family's farm Usanee spent countless hours in the kitchen learning the traditions, ingredients and variety of Thai cooking from her mother and other relatives.

Raised on the fiery and boldly-flavored cuisine of Thailand's Issarn region, Usanee is equally at home with the more subtle flavors and coconut-based curries of Thailand's central region, as well as the many seafood dishes found along Thailand's extensive coasts. Bringing along all her styles of Thai and Lao cooking using the finest and locally grown ingredients is now available right here near in the heart of downtown Bellingham.

While her professional career was with Maikham Catering, Usanee has been dazzling friends around the world with her cooking acumen for two decades operating Maikham Catering which has developed a loyal following throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and now after two years living in Bellingham, she has opened her restaurant doors to allow the local residents of Bellingham and anyone passing through the town to enjoy the authentic Thai and Lao dishes.
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